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WinZip (64-bit) is a free zip file program that allows you to instantaneously compress or unzip files, share files fast through email, and much more.

As you probably know, WinZip is a very popular file compression and archiving utility. While it’s not the only program of its kind, it is one of the most widely used, especially on Windows. If you’re not familiar with WinZip, it’s a program that allows you to compress files so that they take up less space on your hard drive.

Download WinZip (64-bit)

What is WinZip?

WinZip is a software that allows users to compress and decompress files. It is one of the most popular file compression programs available and is used by millions of people around the world. WinZip can be used to compress files for email attachments, for archiving purposes, or for saving space on your hard drive. It can also be used to decompress files that have been compressed by other programs.

WinZip is a file compression and decompression program that enables users to zip and unzip files. It also supports various other archive formats. WinZip was developed by Nico Mak Computing and first released in 1991.

WinZip allows you to compress files so that they take up less space on your hard drive. This can be helpful if you need to save space on your computer or if you need to send files to someone via email. You can also use WinZip to password protect your files, which can be helpful for security purposes.

How to download WinZip 64-bit for PC

To download WinZip for PC, just head to the WinZip website and click the download button. Once the file is downloaded, double-click it to install WinZip. After installation is complete, you can launch the app and start compressing or uncompressing files.

If you need to zip or unzip files, WinZip is the gold standard. It is simple to use and is available for both Windows and Mac.

WinZip Features

WinZip is a popular file compression and archiving software that offers many features. Here are some of the key features that make WinZip stand out:

-Compress files for smaller file size: WinZip 64 bit can compress files so that they take up less space on your hard drive or cloud storage. This is useful when you need to save space or send files via email.

-Archive files: WinZip can create ZIP archives, which are bundles of files that are compressed and stored together. This is useful for backing up files or for sending multiple files in one package.

-Encrypt files: WinZip can encrypt your files so that only authorized users can access them. This is useful for sensitive data such as financial records or personal correspondence.

-Integrate with cloud services: WinZip integrates with popular cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can easily compress and decompress files on the go.

Free alternatives

There are a number of free alternatives to WinZip available, such as 7-Zip and WinRAR. These programs offer similar features to WinZip, but are available at no cost. If you’re looking for a free option to compress and decompress files, one of these programs may be a good fit for you.

Software NameWinZip (64-bit)
DeveloperWinZip Computing
File size73.67 MB
Software VersionWinZip 27.0 Build 15240
RequirementsWindows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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