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TradingView is a free trading platform that can be installed on your Windows desktop. It provides you with the ability to view the latest financial markets on multiple screens. The app is built using the Pine Script programming language, which was created by the same developers of TradingView. Developers can utilize both languages to develop custom trading tools to create more efficient market indicators.

The platform boasts an eye-catching visual display that features a range of colors for indicators and bars. It also includes tabs for your browser’s core tabs, so you never miss a beat when browsing other websites.

TradingView charts platform as well as social media network focusing on giving investors and traders of cryptocurrency with an unprecedented view of the state of the art in the global financial markets. Every month, it is visited by more than 30 million users the platform has earned an image as a trustworthy financial source to invest, identifying new opportunities and market trends, and innovating innovative ways to analyze the global financial and crypto market trends.

Download TradingView for PC

The most important characteristic that is the main feature of TradingView is its elegant, sleek and custom-built chart engine that gives users with unparalleled access to historical and current state of the markets. It offers the incredible flexibility of creating unique dashboards packed with extremely flexible charts, and can even improve the viewports, data collection and presentation using more than 8.2 million code scripts, and concepts which were developed by the vast community.

TradingView features

Many traders make use of platforms like TradingView to observe how the market for financial instruments fluctuate. The platform lets you make use of indicators, along with other tools, to find out what the trends are. This can help you decide whether to sell or purchase any particular stock. You can also analyze markets to determine where the most profitable investment is.

There are a variety of charts and bars available to look at, and you can switch to dark or standard mode to make it easier for your eyes. You can make trades directly through the platform when you’re ready. Additionally, there’s an extensive order analysis that allows you to assess the results of your purchases and sales. The only drawback with the trial version is that it is limited to only a few graphs and other indicators.

Pine Script editor

If you’re a software developer who is proficient in programming You can design your own indicators using an inbuilt Pine Script editor. It works to TradingView in real-time and allows you to make your own inventions available to other traders. It’s a fantastic method to create your own strategies to increase results and better signals.

If you click on the bottom of the tab and look at the bottom tab, you’ll notice TradeView provides access to its different screeners, like Stock, Forex and Crypto. These screens provide you with an overall view of all sectors, to let you know which you could find the most profitable spot to trade.

TradinView is the perfect trading platform for novice traders who don’t have the confidence to put money into the market now. The free version offers some of the most basic indicators and charts and you can plan out the way you’ll purchase and sell according to the indicators.

If you’re ready to utilize real money, you are able to trade through the platform and employ one of these tools that are available to you. However, the majority of advanced features are hidden within one of three options for payments.

TradingView vs Webull

Let’s look at the two platforms and see what makes them different:

TradingView is mainly about charts and technical analysis. It’s great if you’re a trader who likes using advanced tools to understand the market.

On the other hand, Webull is more focused on trading and keeping you updated with market news. It’s good for making trades.

People have noticed that sometimes the charts on TradingView and Webull don’t match up. This could be because they get their information from different sources.

A lot of traders actually use both platforms together. They use TradingView to analyze things and Webull to make their trades. It’s like using the strengths of each platform to get the best of both worlds.

Software NameTradingView
DeveloperTradingView Inc
File size1024 KB
Software VersionLatest Version
RequirementsWindows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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