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Android-based big screen OS brings Android gaming to your PC. Phoenix OS brings the excitement of mobile games to your desktop PC. The screen can’t be beaten, no matter how powerful your phone may be. If you want to have a great time, play on a large screen. You can now have fun on a large screen.

Games that are designed with a PC mindset should be played on a PC. It supports right-click movement for MOBA games. FPS games support right-click movement. Keymapping is used for feature games. Preset keymapping is included in all mainstream games. It can be updated with new games.

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Game Assistant allows you to play Android games using peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, and gamepads. Game Assistant has been integrated with the Octopus keymapping engines, which provide powerful fundamental keymapping. Certain games receive special enhancements.

Phoenix OS is based on Android 7.1.1 and offers many PC features such as keyboard support, multi-window support, desktop support, and mouse support. It also supports Android games perfectly thanks to system-level compatibility. Phoenix OS can be used with a wide range of peripherals, including keyboards and mice, gamepads, and docks that are specifically made for PUBG Mobile. There are two versions of the OS: one for PC users and one for ARM tablets.

In PhoenixOS, apps can be run in a window, minimized into the taskbar, or even change the size of the window. It comes with Microsoft Office Suite for free, apps like WPS, Evernote have been adapted for the big screen, paired with the multi-windows feature, writing documents, sending emails, taking notes are much easier.

PhoenixOS allows apps to be opened in a separate window. They can also be minimized into the taskbar or changed in size. Microsoft Office Suite is included free of charge. Apps like Evernote, WPS, and Evernote were adapted to the large screen. When paired with multi-windows, it makes it much easier to write documents, send emails, and take notes.

Features of phoenix os emulator for pc

One of the reasons why this emulator is preferred and recommended by many and is used by many game lovers is that it has many wonderful features that were and continue to be the main reason for the popularity of this emulator and its spread among the category of mobile game lovers, and these benefits are as follows:

Small emulator
One of the distinguishing points of this emulator is that you can download it easily due to its small size. The area of this emulator is only about 700 MB, which is a very practical and inexpensive size, and you can download it in a few minutes with a good internet speed. It consumes a lot of memory space.

Android Emulator on PC
After download Phoenix OS emulator, you will know that you have downloaded a separate operating system on your PC, which enables you to convert your computer to Android at any time you want, of course with the ability to enjoy all the advantages of Android and run on it various types of Android games and programs depending on the capabilities of your device. Computer.

Compatible with operating systems
One of the most important advantages of the PhoenixOS emulator is that it works on the latest versions of Windows, from Windows 7 to Windows 8, and actually works on Windows 10; the emulator also works on the Mac OS operating system for Apple devices, which makes it a neutral and suitable emulator for most types of computers.

very easy interface
The smoothness and ease of the emulator’s interface are two of its most important features. The emulator has an Android interface similar in shape to Windows, and you will feel like using a tablet device. This allows you to open the Google Play Store or APK Mirror and get any application or game you want without exhaustion.

The emulator is completely free
One of the most important advantages that attracts users to the Phoenix OS emulator is that it is completely free, as you will not have to pay any fees or a license to use the capabilities of this emulator, which enables you to use the Phoenix PUBG emulator and play your favorite game with ease.

phoenix os installer supports both 32-bit and 64-bit cores. You can download it now with a direct link.

Software NamePhoenix OS
DeveloperPhoenix OS Team
File size634.73 MB
Software VersionPhoenix OS 3.6.1
RequirementsWindows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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