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With more than 500 million users, Hotspot Shield is the most downloaded Virtual Private Network (VPN) desktop application that allows users to gain access to blocked websites and online services it safeguarding your browsing session. guards you against hackers and WiFi spying using the public WiFi networks, and makes your identity untraceable and anonymous on the Web and also block malicious websites.

The one that’s among the “world’s fastest VPNs,” according to Ookla’s Speedtest. Connecting to any of the 3,200plus VPN servers across over 80 countries, including 35+ cities around the worldall your data on the internet is secured. This means you can surf the Web safely and securely and protect your personal information.

VPN technology lets you transmit encrypted data on previously encrypted networks. Apart from providing you with privacy as well as secure Web browsing VPNs like Hot Spot Shield VPN provide several other advantages. In comparison to a proxy for web browsing, VPN also offers much more privacy and security online.

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What is Hotspot Shield?

As a result of some existing policies, many countries may be forced to block types of content from users, which impedes browsing and survey traffic on the Internet and sometimes communication as well, which makes many think of alternatives. Therefore, we need unblocking programmes known as (VPN) in order to have a secure connection via a secure connection via Wi-Fi networks and to ensure the confidentiality of all our data.

hotspot shield free vpn for pc has been one of the most popular VPN services around the globe. Through it’s VPN installation, users will be able to make use of a number of key features, like the highest-quality encryption, complete security, faster speeds and so on. It comes with a less latency than the other VPN services available. Additionally, it is able to identify dangerous URLs and help you defend your system from threats online.

Hotspot Shield VPN comes with an broad array of features which include the ability to connect to worldwide servers as well as multiple connection to servers, automatic deletion of IP addresses and many more. The easy interface allows you to navigate the features effortlessly and doesn’t require any knowledge of technology to become accustomed for navigation.

Hotspot Shield Features

Unblock Websites – With the great free Hotspot Shield VPN, you can unblock your favorite websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in addition to filtering firewalls that your network administrator has customized.

Anonymous internet surfing – due to security and privacy issues it is possible to surf the Web without revealing your identity. Hot Spot Shield Software creates an encrypted connection that connects your device to servers that enable you to carry out all your internet activities (visit websites you like and make online transactions and download files) completely anonymously, without being monitored or spied on.

Access the internet privately and safely Securely and privately – VPN offers a greater level of security online. Once you’ve connected to Internet via Hotspot Shield VPN, your information, including passwords, transactions in financial transactions, and instant messages, are secured and secured. Furthermore, your personal information is kept safe from internet hackers.

Protection against malware – It will notify you when you visit websites which are known to have malware and remove the site. Privacy and security that block millions of malware and phishing websites every day.

hide your IP – The Internet is awash with criminals, snoopers, and hackers. They quietly observe your online activity and even steal your personal information such as passwords for credit cards and information about your credit card even when you least think about it. If you connect using the app enabled, you receive an entirely new US IP address that hides your IP address, and browse the Internet in complete anonymity.

Security for Wi-Fi – If you are browsing the Internet on any Wi-Fi hotspot that is public, like one at the Starbucks in your city any person connected to that network could observe and monitor your internet activities. No matter which Wi-Fi network you connect to A personal VPN protects your browsing experience on the internet and helps keep your personal data much more private.

A good choice for Windows PCs

it can be considered that Hotspot shield is one of the easiest and best programs for protection, and it is very necessary to have a program that protects all the information that is transmitted from our devices over the Internet or received over the network.

Download Hotspot shield provides great protection for that information and prevents fraudsters from eavesdropping on the data, and also works to open blocked websites allowing all Hotspot shield users to access all websites.

Software NameHotspot Shield
File size20.97 MB
Software VersionHotspot Shield 11.3.1
RequirementsWindows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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