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Chedot, a free browser for Windows, has many useful features. You can download files at twice the speed with this software. Other useful features include a built-in anti-virus, faster page loading, and safe calling functions.

Google Chrome has been the most widely used browser to be derived from the reliable and diverse Chromium platform for a long time. There are many other browsers that use Each browser has its own tools and features.

This is evident in the Chedot browser. It has a unique icon that looks like a Che Guevara bird. The browser offers many other unique tools in addition to the ability to surf the web.

Download Chedot Browser

The Chromium browser has a lot of cool features. Just launch the browser and wait for the main window of the browser to open. You’ll see all the new icons in the upper-right corner.

Five tools are included in the package that enhance the user experience. A VPN service is integrated into the browser and allows users to hide their IP addresses and visit geo-restricted web pages. Another tool allows users to view their Facebook profile quickly and select sections.

download chedot browser for pc

Downloading the fast and free Chedot Browser provides you with a lot of tools and keeps you from installing additional programs. One of the most popular tools is the Download Manager tool, as well as a device screenshot tool with the ability to customize it.

The browser works at high speed on weak and medium computers, downloads files from websites very quickly, and supports downloading in case the Internet is disconnected.

Chedot Browser is fully compatible with all versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, 8, and 10, and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit cores. It is easy to install and use and requires no explanation; in addition to that, it does not consume RAM or device resources.

Features of chedot browser

Faster downloading
This feature alone is worth the browser’s installation. It can double your download speed by as much as twofold. This internet download manager requires an internet connection. It doesn’t always work correctly when it is set up.

Rapid loading of web pages
Chedot also downloads web pages at a faster rate than other browsers. The difference in buffer times is very noticeable when you watch videos online or load PDF documents. This loading speed won’t affect browser-based games, uploads to social media or posting on the web.

Downloads available for free
Chedot also offers a free download tool that allows you to obtain music and videos. This feature is very useful but the file sizes can be large. The increased download speed helps to reduce the size of the downloaded files.

Apart from being a great browser, Chedot also includes an antivirus to keep you protected while surfing the web. Although this feature is very useful, it should not replace your regular antivirus software. This prevention tool isn’t as good as other products.

Chedot is more than an antivirus. It protects your online identity and keeps it secure. SafeChedot has its own tools to support calls and messages that are not being monitored by prying eyes. Another useful feature is the privacy and security tool.

It is useful but not reliable
Chedot, a useful browser, has many unique features that set it apart from other alternatives. Other popular programs, like Chrome and Firefox, are more reliable. If you are downloading a lot of files from the Internet, the software is worth installing.


The first tab page cannot be locked, and the tab cannot be removed or closed. It is possible to browse with it.

When a new tab opens, a custom screen is displayed. It cannot be cancelled. This screen displays a virtual welcome screen with different ads.

Software Namechedot browser
DeveloperGuerrilla Programming
File size20.97 MB
Software VersionLatest Version
LicenseOpen Source
RequirementsWindows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download Chedot Browser Latest Version

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