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Baidu Browser, formerly known as Baidu Spark Browser, is a free internet browser available for Windows 7 and higher. It is built on the Chromium platform and offers a lightweight and fast browsing experience with a customizable interface. The unique features of the browser include gesture control, embedded media downloads, torrent clients, pop-up video player, and security features.

Baidu Browser, formerly Spark Browser, is a fast and free web browser that offers tons of useful tools. It is based on the Chromium platform, which makes it lightweight, fast, customizable, and flexible.

Baidu Browser is one of the best new browsers that has proven itself to be highly efficient and competitive with the most powerful global browsers. Baidu Browser has many advantages that make it among the fastest browsers.

Baidu Browser Download


Baidu browser for PC has its own torrent client. This allows you to save audio and videos to your computer. It also features mouse gesture navigation, video pop-up players, and other useful tools. It’s fun, fast, and most importantly, it’s free.

Baidu Browser Download Features

Secure, light, and fast: The latest Baidu version is free from privacy concerns and features a user-friendly and customizable interface, as well as enhanced security. The software, which is based on Chromium is lightweight and quick to download. Its popularity has been attributed to the increased number of useful features it offers.

Use gestures to control the web browser: Baidu Browser has all the standard features you would expect from a web browser but it also offers some intuitive addons to make it stand out. Gesture control is one such feature. It allows users to perform different operations by simply swiping or right-clicking.

Media Downloader: The built-in Media Downloader allows you to easily download audio and video directly to your computer. You can then put it on your smartphone or tablet so that you can enjoy it again and again.

Pop up video player: With Baidu TOP Internet Browser you won’t have to search through multiple tabs in order to find the content you were watching. To open any Web video, simply click Baidu Browser’s Pop-up button.

Closed Recently Tabs: We all know the frustration of closing an open tab accidentally. With its Recent Closed Tabs button, the tool will make your life easier. To restore tabs you have accidentally closed, click the button.

Browser doctor: The Internet isn’t perfect. This program can help. The built-in Browser Doctor will quickly diagnose and fix common browser problems so that you don’t waste time searching for solutions.

Drag and drop: Do you want to open a particular picture or video in a different tab? It’s easy to drag and drop with Baidu Browser.

Full-Page Screenshots: A picture is worth 1,000 words. You can share browsing images quickly with your family and friends using the app’s snapshot button.

Is the Baidu browser secure?

Baidu Spark’s internet browser has a built-in antivirus scanner that protects users from downloading malicious data or visiting harmful websites. It also prevents online programs modifying privacy or security settings. Baidu comes with Adware Block which prevents all advertisements from being displayed and speeds up browsing.

Do you have any other options?

Baidu Browser is intuitive, but it faces serious competition. If you’re looking for alternatives, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox are all options.

Software NameBaidu Browser
File size45.96 MB
Software VersionBaidu Browser 43.23.1007.94
RequirementsWindows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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